Maximise profits, minimise vehicle related expenses and create great service reputation are three of many benefits you can enjoy with TechniqueFleet vehicle tracking solutions.

TechniqueFleet is entirely owned by Technique Car Audio & Security who has been catering for the Automotive & Transport industry since July 1997, and continues to do so with the emphasis of increasing profits and proficiency for businesses of all sizes, and helping Start up businesses, Sole Traders & partnerships accelerate to success.

TechniqueFleet was developed under suggestion by customers who have had enough of mainstream Telematics providers who focus on sales & numbers instead of customer care

Our customers have screamed out for a fresh approach to fleet management, and to extend our friendly & personalised service for Tracking sales & customer care - as found when a customer purchases a Bluetooth phone kit, Car alarm or any other product sold by us. We at Technique Car Audio & Security listen to you, our valued customer and created an array of Tracking & Telemetry systems with features you have asked for and ready for the future, as well as the quality and reliability to withstand the Harsh Australian Climates and conditions. TechniqueFleet’s Tracking Server, known as the FleetConsole is based in Sydney, Australia which is proprietary to TechniqueFleet customers, and not shared with any other GPS Tracking provider.

The Benefits of having TechniqueFleet include, but not limited to;

  • FleetConsole server based in Sydney, Australia, providing quicker and more stable information request responses.

  • You are dealing with the one GPS Tracking provider who handles all Pre-Sales, Sales, Installation and After-Sales activities. Installation is done solely by Technique Car Audio & Security technicians.

  • Complete in-house customised solution design and building including, Mobile data Terminal usage and integration of Telematic functionalities in selected in-dash Navigation Audio systems, as well as Security alarm system & third party device integrations.

  • Absolute flexibility with no contracts. You can have a little as 1 vehicle in your fleet, and you can upsize or downsize depending on your requirements without being penalised or having to comply with single-sided and unfair contracts.

  • Lifetime warranty and upgrade program which maintians and updates your GPS tracking unit for a small monthly fee.

As we have no alliance with any Agent service providers, TechniqueFleet’s array of systems and solutions are well priced and have no binding contracts, and you are not sweet-talked or forced into committing to something that is not wanted or desired.

TechniqueFleet VideoGPS is a new product added to the TechniqueFleet catalogue, which takes vehicle tracking to the next level by providing not only your standard GPS tracking and optional advanced fleet proficiency functionalities, but also includes Live view, Incident replay and History replay Video feeds. VideoGPS can also be customised to suit your requirements, and potentially create new niches to cater for untouched markets.

We quietly aim to be Best in Class in all aspects and we also aim to make you, our valued customers & clients to be best in your industry.