Many people would be thinking that Tracking your Trailer or Fleet of Trailers is not viable, but actually, you can benefit by equipping your trailers with TechniqueFleet Trailer Tracking systems for the following reasons:

Theft; More often than ever before, Trailers have fallen victim to theft, which besides hurting the bottom line, can hurt your business and clientele - especially when carrying valuable and high risk goods.

Contract drivers; Many companies are using Contract drivers who do not have Tracking systems in their trucks, so the question of the Trailer’s whereabouts is asked far too often than necessary. Instead of asking your contract drivers to install tracking systems into their vehicles, you can track the driver’s activities and their location from your Trailer Tracking system.

TechniqueFleet Trailer Tracking systems include;

  • Multi-volt operation, suit 12 and 24 volt vehicles
  • Compact High IP rated protective enclosures
  • Extended life Battery Back up & immediate power cut alert
  • GPS & GSM signal Jamming attempt alarm & Immunisation
  • Accelerometer/Motion Sensor
  • Battery recharge by Park lights or Blue (Auxiliary) wire - subject to availability
  • Connection to Refrigerated Temperature sensors
  • Large capacity memory for data storage in the event of interrupted communication
  • High performance communication protocols which provide connection to selected on-board scales, on-board inventory management and more
  • On-board odometer with service interval reminder
  • Pending the make and model of the Refrigeration unit, you can take advantage of engine service interval in hours, as well as knowing the temperature of the payload

The benefits of Service interval reminder and On-board odometer alone will pay for the Trailer tracking system many times over. As trailers are always on the road and travel thousands of kilometres every week, it is easy to overlook the maintenance schedule which can cause thousands of dollars in damage, downtime and lost revenue. TechniqueFleet Trailer will advise and remind when your Trailers are due for service

If you hire out trailers or have a large fleet, contact us for customised pricing.