Developed by popular demand for fleets of 10 or more vehicles, TechniqueFleet Nano offers the full features of the FleetConsole, but with a lower cost vehicle mounted unit and lower monthly charges per device.

The Nano is suitable for Fleets which do not need any device expansion such as remote unlocking, temperature monitoring, DriverConsole or Garmin integrations.

TechniqeFleet Nano offers a highly reliable tracking unit which is suitable for 12 & 24 volt vehicles and mobile plants. The compact design allows for covert installation while maintaining high location accuracy and minimised signal dropouts.

To qualify for TechniqueFleet nano, you must order a minimum of 10 Nano units in the one Fleet with installation to be done at the one location with no more than a 3 day timeframe for all vehicle systems to be installed. Weekend installation is available, and surcharges may apply for installations at different locations.

Once you have qualified to be a TechniqueFleet Nano customer, you may add on to your fleet as your fleet grows. The larger your fleet, the lower the monthly FleetConsole access is.

TechniqueFleet Nano, like all over TechniqueFleet systems may be swapped over to another vehicle when you update your vehicles.