Level 1 Fleet Tracking systems are TechniqueFleet’s most versatile which gives you all the functionalities you could ever want or need, plus be ready for the future without having to upgrade your tracking unit.

The Level 1 units don’t just provide your vehicle’s current and historic movement events, but also provides real time remote diagnostic data and connection to external peripheral devices such as On-board truck scales, Garmin Navigation devices, DriverConsole, Barcode scanners and more.

The Level 1 units can be configured to perform to your exacting needs, for today and the future. With our troubleshooting and solution finding skills & our large catalogue of specialty components, chances are that your fleet management and business operation needs will be catered for easily

TechniqueFleet Level 1 features include;

  • Multi-volt operation, suit 12 and 24 volt vehicles
  • Speed signal input with 3D Accelerometer
  • Battery Back up & immediate power cut alert
  • GPS & GSM signal Jamming attempt alarm & Immunisation
  • Optional Driver ID
  • Customisable inputs and outputs
  • Large capacity memory for data storage in the event of interrupted communication
  • CANbus connection for remote diagnostics and detailed vehicle information,
  • Accurate travel distance logging and vehicle positioning using vehicle Odometer, eliminating false reading due to abnormal GPS signal.
  • Optional Garmin and Garmin Dezl series Navigation with 2 way communication between the driver and the Fleet Manager

You can choose to upgrade your Level 1 system to be a self monitored Security tracking system, which provides real time security alerts in the event of unauthorised activity such as Hotwire & attempted Immobiliser bypass, Illegal movement, Security alarm trigger, etc. There is no extra ongoing FleetConsole charges.

You can choose from;

  • Remote alarm systems with 1 - 3 point immobilisation
  • Upgrade alarm systems
  • Transponder Immobilisers
  • Integration with original equipment alarm systems