TechniqueFleet is a division of Technique Car Audio & Security and can be contacted by;

Phone 0414 708 687


Website (for all other products and services offered by us)

Companies, Businesses and Individuals approaching us offering Products & Services

At TechniqueFleet & Technique Car Audio & Security, we are committed to offering our Customers & Clients, including large Transport companies the best products and customer service possible - and to be best-in-class for everything we do. Therefore, this significantly limits our time and resources to be approached by cold callers and emailers who use acts of duress, undue influence and forceful methods to gain sales. We have a zero tolerance policy for such conduct. We strongly advise for salespeople employing the aforementioned unethical sales methods to prevent contacting us.

Our Staff have excellent product & service selection skills and know what is best for our operations. Our staff are trained to filter out good products from bad, and the conduct & ethics of salespeople.

If, however you still wish to approach us with your products and/or services, you Must first contact us by email requesting for a service providers agreement. Upon receipt of and approval of the completed agreement and all requested documents, you may (only then) proceed with offering your product/service.