The TechniqueFleet range of Tracking systems have been chosen based on the current, upcoming and potential future trends as well as increased flexibility to customise the system so suit your requirements.

We offer systems to suit Fleet management and/or Security applications which covers all tracking requirements, from basic everyday tracking with logbook replacement features, to the most advanced system customised to your requirements and everything in between. Security Tracking is catered for all lines of vehicle protection. Cars, Earthmoving equipment, armoured cars, valuable or high risk goods transportation. Rest assured that in the event that an incident occurs, TechniqueFleet will be in your corner.

TechniqueFleet tracking systems can be removed and re-installed as well as being removed from 12 volt vehicles and installed into 24 volt trucks, and vice versa, allowing more business flexibility and preventing unnecessary costs.

You are not restricted to have all your fleet locked in to one system only. As all vehicles have different purposes, you can mix and match Tracking systems - both Fleet management and Security to suit your fleet requirements. We can look at your fleet and advise which systems suit your vehicle best, and discuss wether you would need any customisation.

TechniqueFLeet Tracking systems come standard with 2 years warranty and have the option of Lifetime warranty & upgrade program.

TechniqueFleet products are Sold, installed, serviced & repaired by in-house Technique Car Audio & Security staff to ensure secure quality installation, reliability and absolute minimal downtime in the unlikely event of product failure. As everything is arranged for in-house, the turnaround time between enquiry to booking to on-site installation or repairs is kept to a minimum as we do not need to outsource external staff or contractors.

The TechniqueFleet Technician can also demonstrate & train you and/or your nominated staff on the use of the FleetConsole, and to take full advantage of all benefits.

TechniqueFleet products are sold & installed nationwide with Technique Car Audio & Security staff available to travel interstate to cater for your tracking & telematic requirements. - Conditions apply.

As well as tracking your vehicles and Earthmoving equipment, you can also install TechniqueFleet in equipment such as Mobile industrial Generators, mobile signs or other equipment left on site which is operated in your absence. You can vastly benefit by being alerted through your phone, desktop or smart device wether your mobile plant needs attention.

A good example of this is if you hire out and maintain Mobile generators. Being a highly wanted piece of equipment through the eyes of thieves, and using fuel while performing it's work - you can increase your proficiency and customer satisfaction by preventing & recovering from theft, you can also monitor the fuel level, advising to refuel when necessary.

Technique Car Audio & security staff can sit down with you and discuss your work operations & functionality requirements. By discussing and understanding your work operations and having years of designing & creating solutions for the most complex situations, we can customise a system which can provide great benefits immediately and in the future.