TechniqueFleet offers a Lifetime Warranty & Upgrade program which gives you the peace of mind, knowing that should your Tracking device or direct accessories malfunction or become outdated, it will be repaired or replaced at no additional cost to you.

The Lifetime Warranty and Upgrade Program co-sides with the Tracking systems' factory warranties, providing additional support and protection which meets or exceeds all warranty expectations.

The Lifetime Warranty & Upgrade Program Benefits include;

  • Replacement or repair of faulty tracking units at our discretion with no excess or additional costs
  • Replacement or repair of faulty directly connected accessories with no excess or additional costs. Parts such as Antennas, Batteries, Solar Panels, etc.
  • 2 Free Installation Tamper repairs per year (Parts may be chargeable). Photographic evidence of the tamper are taken and emailed to you along with the repair report if requested. Just pay for the callout - $90.00 Including GST in Sydney Metropolitan areas.
  • Replace outdated Tracking units with equivalent level counterparts.
  • Discount repair or replacement of Alarms & Immobilisers for Security Tracking categorised systems.
  • Discount on Upgrading to next Level Tracking systems.

Interstate Customers can enjoy the above benefits, however will be required to pay for Travel costs. The program includes rapid turnaround time to minimise lost vehicle activity data.

The Lifetime Warranty and Upgrade Program Does not cover;

  • Tracking units which have been intentionally damaged by physical force, immersion into liquids, Shorting out, etc.
  • Missing Tracking units.
  • Lost or damaged Driver ID units.
  • Barcode scanners or other portable accessories which have been dropped or otherwise damaged.
  • Antenna Coaxial cables which have been cut, stressed or broken.
  • Antennas which have been physically damaged.
  • Tracking units damaged by rain due to Window/Sunroof being left open, cracked windscreen or faulty windscreen seals, etc.
  • SIM cards being damaged or removed (Unauthorised calls or data usage in other devices are charged to the customer).
  • Physical damage to Driver Consoles.
  • Tamper repairs beyond the 2 Free repairs per year.
  • Installation being tampered with or modified by anyone other than Technique Staff - Re-installation charges apply.
  • Tracking unit configurations altered or changed by anyone other than Technique Staff.

To take advantage of the Lifetime Warranty & Upgrade Program, simply take up the program upon initial purchase and keep paying the monthly premium on top of your FleetConsole monthly access fee. Charges apply to each Vehicle/Tracking unit.

The Lifetime Warranty & Upgrade program premium is available from $5.00 per month, plus GST per tracking unit. With no excess on warranty claims.