The FleetConsole (Also known as AVL or Tracking Server) is your gateway to your fleet's activities, locations, video evidence, driver behaviour and more.

The FleetConsole is easily accessible using your Desktop & Laptop using your preferred Web browser, and using your smart device using Android & iOS apps available from Google Play and AppStore respecively. If your smart device is not Android or iOS, you can still enjoy the benefits as the FleetConsole is responsive and allows you to operate without being disadvantaged at all

The desktop or laptop FleetConsole is full featured and allows you to easily & effortlessly monitor and control your fleet. Everything you need is only a few keystrokes or mouse-clicks away.

Not only will you be kept up to date on your fleet in real time, you can also make informed decisions which can result in increased proficiency and your reputation being further enhanced.

The standard features of the FleetConsole are

  • Live and History tracking
  • Overspeed reporing
  • Geofencing
  • Trip and history replays
  • Manually and automatically submit reports to nominated recipients
  • Reports - both standard and customised
  • Being advised of any untoward activities such as entering unauthorised areas (Geofences), harsh braking, opening valuable or dangerous goods compartments outside authorised areas, etc.
  • Be notified of your equipment's service schedule in both Kilometres for vehicles and Hours for Mobile plant equipment
  • Download and watch Incident & History video events as well as watching Live video footage of your vehicles (VideoGPS)