Available from August 2020. Contact us to register your interest

The future of connected vehicle telematics is here right now.

TechniqueFleet VideoGPS takes Dashcam and Mobile Digital video recording to the next level, which is ready for future ugrades when you are.

Wether you are after 1 camera or up to 16 cameras, TechniqueFleet VideoGPS can delver the goods with complete solutions for cars, trucks, buses and specialised vehicles.

VideoGPS provides not only the functions of Level 1 and Level 2 systems, VideoGPS provides Video footage in real-time as well as replay in History and Incident modes. And all this is available from your desktop, no matter where your fleet are in Australia

Real-time mode allows you to see your vehicle's cameras in real time, allowing you to see road and traffic conditions without the need for calling the driver. Combining the Tracking functionalities, this is especially handy for estimating the vehicle's arrival time to destination.

History Mode provides footage of the vehicle's travel history on all cameras. As scams and false claims are on the significant increase, nothing can be more important than preventing loss of demerit points, fines, insurance excess and reputation, based on a false claim. History playback function will foil scammers which will discourage and prevent any future scam attempts.

Incident mode has been meticulously designed to provide incident footage and to ensure that the true version of events has been captured and available for replay, even if the vehicle has been written off or completely destroyed. Incident mode is activated by G-Sensor, impact or Dash mounted incident button, which captures 10 seconds of footage before incident mode is activated and 30 seconds after. The incident footage is stored at TechniqueFleet's data storage infrastructure which will be available when required.

All this on Digital High definition, providing best possible image, day and night.

If you are a fleet manager with vehicles travelling all over Australia, this will provide you peace of mind