Customisation (Dictionary Noun); The action of modifying something to suit a particular individual or task.

Customisation (TechniqueFleet Terminoligy); The action of modifying TechniqueFleet to suit your requirements, which in turn creates efficiency and proficiency.

As you, our valued customers have spoken and created a wishlist, we have listened and turned your wishlist entries into available solutions.

Your standard off the shelf options are;

  • Driver ID
  • Fatigue alert
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) with FleetConsole Reportback
  • Touchscreen Driver Console with Vehicle specific Navigation & Live Traffic, and 2-way messaging with job dispatch
  • Tachograph functionality
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Vehicle and staff security with desktop and App FleetConsole alerts.

One of many requests included installing Android based third party applications into the TechniqueFleet Driver console and incorporating the application into Kiosk mode enabling single touch access, reducing the requirement of excessive tablets and devices installed on the dashboard.

Another request incorporated remote authentication and unlocking of high security compartments in Armoured vehicles, while keeping a log of who, where, when, etc.

This is just two of many examples. Pending the application, We can also incorporate third party applications on the FleetConsole, meaning that you only need the one login to manage your entire fleet.

And lastly, to get your creativity and imagination running fast, we can also integrate various devices which can create provisions for customised reports. Some examples include, but don't limit to;

  • Waste management weights of all collected bins
  • Truck weights to ensure Trucks and transport combinations are not overloaded.

The above customisations are subject to product APIs and integration documents.